An organization committed to men accessing their full masculine spirit, power and love,
thus integrating these attributes into their relationships and their community.

What participants have said about Return to the Fire events

About Men's Canoe Trips:

"One gift of this incredible trip is the discovery of the power within, I will never forget this experience! Fire Within

Thank you to our courgeous, compassionate and beautiful guide- Jody- This has been one of the most transformative expereinces of my life.

Always Home

"I learned to: Camp, paddle a canoe, and love! "

"This journey has been a reawaking of my Pounding Heart spirit and a rebirth of my soul... I shall treasure this experience!"
Pounding Heart

"The canoe trip in a word, AWESOME."
Golden Dog

"The Maine canoe trip provided the space and freedom for more of the real me to surface...immensely healing."
Going Deeper

"A whole new world has opened up for me both internally and externally... I feel a strong sense of accomplishment!"

On this trip, warmth is finding its way into my heart. As well as getting in touch with the wild man, and the joy and strength I feel from with this energy."
Warming Stone

About Father & Son Adventure

"Fatherhood is a process, continually unfolding…. We never stop needing to be both "father" and be "fathered."
Howling Rock

"A truly wondrous adventure for my son and me."
Accepting One

"This was the second time on this trip, I learned twice the lessons."
Lion Star (son)

"More than I ever imagined! The leaders walk their talk, and gently helped my son & I realize our needs for each other."
Quiet Bear

"I am grateful for the opportunities of this special experience. I see more of the gifts and wonders of my son and ways for me to be a more caring, and conscious father."
Accepting One

"A wonderful experience - just what I wanted."
Jim (father)

About Workshops & Circles:

"Moving. Awesome. I feel present."
Loving Deer

"A strengthening of my sense of man-ness and purpose." 
Old Dog Searching

"This experience was a way to take care of myself. I recognize that I don't take care of my heart, keep it open, in isolation from my brothers."
Lone Wolf

"For the first time ever I feel accepted, even loved by other men."
Eagle Spirit

"Because the workshop was so safe, it provided an open window into myself."
Lone Dear

"My realization that each man's story casts a mirror image to my own was an important reflection."

"This workshop was the most fun-loving, interactive, challenging, powerful learning tool, a great gift." 
Running Wolf

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