An organization committed to men accessing their full masculine spirit, power and love,
thus integrating these attributes into their relationships and their community.

Biography of Jody Grose (Healing Bear)
In the spirit of brotherhood and community

Jody Grose is the founder of Return to the Fire, an organization passionately committed to men's healing and growth. Return to the Fire provides a variety of opportunities for men: weekend workshops on a private island in New Milford, CT; nine-week workshops that meet in the spring and the fall in Newtown; CT, and canoe trips for men and father-and-son teams. Jody also does individual counseling, and is passionately committed to and actively creating a strong men's community in Connecticut. Men's work has been a central focus for Jody since 1984.

Jody recently retired after a 38 year career as a special education teacher. His focus now is living a conscious life, close to the land while writing, leading workshops, retreats and wilderness trips. Jody now lives full time at his Island retreat center in New Milford.

Jody was attracted to Native American culture in 1987, during a profound time of personal transition. In the summer of 1987, he traveled to the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota to learn Earth honoring ways of the Lakota Sioux nation. This Journey solidified his ties to Native American spirituality, a strong theme in the work that Jody does with men.

Joining Jody on many trips is his son Tucker, who has participated on these wilderness trips since he was eleven. Now 20, Tucker brings his wilderness experience, paddling skills and his enthusiasm to each adventure.


Joining Jody for some of the Father/Son trip is Paul Gemme. Paul is also an avid canoeist and is certified in Adventure Education and First Wilderness Response. Paul brings a powerful spirit-filled element to the group experience that will make this adventure memorable and enjoyable. Paul is impassioned with 18 years of experience in teaching others how access their own higher, creative Self using drums, flutes and other Native American techniques.




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